Determined to create something better, Vacuity Tech was formed to help you reach that next level of air cleanliness in your home without having to take out a mortgage to do so. With amazing contacts in the manufacturing world, we have been able to put together a system not seen before.

At Vacuity Tech, our business is helping your lungs succeed. Whether you need help with a deep cleaning start, or an air filtration unit, or a complete vacuum system we’ve got you covered with a complete ecosystem to address those needs.

Worry-free Solutions for Your Home


A Different Approach

We don’t use filters or bags that get dirty, clogged, and stop functioning as intended. We use plain water from your home that can be refreshed anytime its necessary.


Unique Solutions

Though our products and affiliated services are divided into basic areas of need we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to filtrate air and clean your home.

Quality Over Quantity

We believe in ensuring that you have a quality product. If you discover defects, which are rare, we can send you replacement parts or replace the whole unit if necessary.

Customer Testimonials


“I’ve got a lot of grandkids crawling on the floor and being the active busybodies that they are, I always like a clean house. I had a good vacuum for years and thought it was the best. Then one day my husband bought an Aqua Nano, I said why do we need that? He plugged it in and starting vacuuming spots that I thought were clean and then showed me the water and how dirty it was. We haven’t used the old vacuum since then.”

COVID Positive

“After testing positive for COVID my wife wasn’t sleeping well at night. One day a neighbor gave her some essential oils and suggested that she use it. I put it into the Aqua Nano water and turned it on for a few minutes. What a relief that was. The next day, she remarked that it was the best thing to happen. So I then put it on for 15 minutes and shut the door while she was preparing for the evening. She slept well that evening again.”


Good Eco-System

“Working with Vacuity was awesome – we knew that they would offer us a very good eco-system and that it would be handled in a very organized and professional way. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”


Happy Customer

I didn’t realize our air quality and home was so dirty until Vacuity gave us a demonstration of their system and the difference it made. We recommend the Deluxe system to all. The price is well worth it.