Giving You What You Need TO BREATH

Peace of Mind Included

At Vacuity Tech we have studied out all the air filtration units that you could buy over the past few decades and then went one up on others with our design features and low cost of maintenance.

Compared to physical filter products that clog up over time unless you fastidiously change the filter every month/quarter/period of time, you just dump the water and replace it with more water.

There are two modes that you can use depending upon the need:

ONE-Pulls air in and cleans it. This is used for particulate in the air from smoke and pollution.

TWO-The second mode pushes air into the environment. This is used when you have a cold or flu on breathing difficulties.

Our Top-Rated DEMO

You’re busy running your LIFE AND ARE NOT SURE IF THE CLAIMS MADE ARE TRUE. We understand! That’s why we SELL THROUGH A HOME DEMO to take the DECISION load off your shoulders.

Comparison with your current unit

Demonstration of cleaning air particulate

Demonstration of blowing air and medication into your room

Demonstration of exchanging water for new water

Optional, but recommended equipment

Financing options and trade-ins